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Winter Services

Winter Services

As much as we'd prefer beautiful spring flowers year-round, we've accepted the reality that living in New England will bring snow- and lot's of it!!

Since the winter months don't call for our typical equipment, we store all of our lawn mowers and pull out the the snow plows, snow blowers, salt/sanders, shovels, roof-rakes, hats, gloves and scarves!

We can handle all of your snow removal needs, such as:

- Plowing Driveways and Parking Lots

- Shoveling Walkways

- Salting

- Sanding

- Roof-Raking

- Removal of Ice-Dams


- Sprinkler Winterization/Blow-Outs

- Roof Shoveling (that's J.R. pictured above!)

We offer FREE on-site estimates and are FULLY INSURED

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