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Maintaining a beautiful landscape around your home takes more than just watering the lawn.  The team at C&C Landscaping can assist you with with optimizing your outdoor living space whether you are working with bare-dirt, a well-established landscape, or are at any point in between.  


We can assist you with starting fresh, planting or maintaining your current lawn, shrubs, flowers and greenery.



We can help maximize your sprinkler's watering and timing.


Landscape lighting illuminates your outdoor spaces beautifully at night.  We can help you install and maintain your system.



Looking to install a new irrigation system?  Or if you just need to fix broken parts or winterize your current system, we can help!


During installation of your hardscape, we follow ICPI specifications throughout the entire project, promising you quality, beautiful architecture for years to come.

Winter Services


When your property is covered in a blanket of white, we snow plow and shovel you out!  We also offer sanding, salting, roof raking and ice dam removal.

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